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RT @WorkingtonTown: It’s been fantastic to have the Rugby League World Cup in Workington this week. Well done to @allerdale and we know all… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @RLWC2021: Tomorrow is the last day to see the #RLWC2021 trophy and art exhibition in #Workington. The exhibition follows the trophy's e… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @AVISIONOFELVIS: There's still tickets available for this weekends shows. We hope to see you there🙂 November 30th - @STCCTheatre - http… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @allerdale: The official @RLWC2021 trophy is in #Workington! Don't miss the chance to see it while you can - it's on display at the @Car… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @allerdale: Deputy Leader Mark Fryer talked to @Mike_Zeller1 on @BBC_Cumbria this morning about the @RLWC2021 trophy display at the Carn… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @WADAMS_Dame: Darlings! It’s nearly December and it’s nearly time for you all to come and see my GORGEOUS face! Get those tickets from @… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @aidz67: @Hazel_OConnor was absolutely amazing as always @CarnegieTheatre workington. Looking forward to seeing her again already. Hey… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @RLWC2021: SELFIE TIME!🤳 The #RLWC2021 trophy along with our 'Pop Up' art gallery will be on display in the Carnegie Theatre & Arts Cen… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @WorkingtonLC: Don't miss the chance to see the @RLWC2021 trophy when it comes to #Workington this week! Head down to the @CarnegieTheat… - @CarnegieTheatre

It's Rugby League World Cup fever in Café Carnegie this week! We welcomed the cup to Workington today and it will b… http://JkkYVg33J1 - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @allerdale: Don't forget the @RLWC2021 trophy and photo exhibition will be in Workington from Tuesday until Saturday! Don't miss the cha… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @TheLadyBoys: The #LadyBoysofBangkok will be BACK in 2019, more fabulous and diamante-clad than ever! Visiting venues like @CarnegieThea… - @CarnegieTheatre

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The historic Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre is one of Workington’s much loved buildings and West Cumbria’s premier theatre, entertainment and arts centre. We programme a diverse range of performances, shows and events across the year featuring family shows, comedy, music, opera, ballet, lectures and spoken word events, rock and pop concerts and musicals from the professional touring circuit and from community based performers. The Carnegie Arts Centre is also home to weekly arts participatory classes and workshops featuring ballet, tap, modern and street dance, singing, acting, musicianship and karate, with businesses and community groups using the facilities regularly for meetings, coffee mornings, seminars and ceremonies.

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