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RT @laalpotts: Two down, two to go, fab night tonight at the @CarnegieTheatre playing for Carousel. Total earworm tunes, great cast, love i… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @JennaFJohnston: Thank you to @LMartinWhite & Ian from @CarnegieTheatre for touring myself & @smanderson1977 around their wonderful thea… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @comheartbeat: @CarnegieTheatre #Workington Successful cPAD (Community Public Access Defibrillator) deployment. We hope everything is OK… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @andyrichardson1: Blair, Brown, Brexit and The Beatles - oh, and what it's like to sell 500,000 books. Former Home Secretary Alan Johnso… - @CarnegieTheatre

@bones_carmel @thehistoryguy @TMHistoryIcons Thank you Carmel! Lovely feedback 😁 - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @bones_carmel: Top night with @thehistoryguy in Workington where Mary Queen of Scots had her last night of freedom in May 1568. 👸 @Carne… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @bones_carmel: Bit excited to see ⁦@thehistoryguy⁩ ⁦@CarnegieTheatre⁩ 🤗 http://66Q96dMokX - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @TODDY1971: Guns or roses rocking ⁦@CarnegieTheatre⁩ 🤘🤘 http://7fy9UFsnES - @CarnegieTheatre

Thanks to Mr Sanderson who has given us some fantastic photos from the Carnegie's past. Here's a couple from when t… http://KdtMCH8ZUP - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @allerdale: We also heard from Karen Thompson @CarnegieTheatre about all the great work they do and services they provide. A big thank y… - @CarnegieTheatre

RT @allerdale: Our tourism business breakfast event is underway at the @CarnegieTheatre in #Workington. Thanks to everyone who has come alo… - @CarnegieTheatre

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The historic Carnegie Theatre & Arts Centre is one of Workington’s much loved buildings and West Cumbria’s premier theatre, entertainment and arts centre. We programme a diverse range of performances, shows and events across the year featuring family shows, comedy, music, opera, ballet, lectures and spoken word events, rock and pop concerts and musicals from the professional touring circuit and from community based performers. The Carnegie Arts Centre is also home to weekly arts participatory classes and workshops featuring ballet, tap, modern and street dance, singing, acting, musicianship and karate, with businesses and community groups using the facilities regularly for meetings, coffee mornings, seminars and ceremonies.

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